How longer can I make sex using your method?

Well, there is no limit. You can make sex for hours. The control comes in your hands. It is totally in your hands to choose when to ejaculate!  You become master of your ejaculation. Is it not great? Let others spend thousands of dollars on pills, creams and sprays; you enjoy the pleasure and pride of lasting longer, naturally and completely. Those who use pills, creams and sprays not only don't enjoy sex, rather they ultimately become patient of sexual dysfunction-----------not to mention other numerous side effects.

What kind of techniques do you offer to cure premature ejaculation?

I have given more than two dozens of rare and most effective techniques in the book. Some techniques are urgent type that can help you last for more than 30 minutes on the very first night. Rest all of the techniques take some time to master up. However, once these techniques are mastered, these can help you last as long as you want.
You will never need to swallow any pill or spray yourself to last longer. It will be you who will decide when to ejaculate-----not the spontaneity of your ejaculatory system. You will become a totally different person----------a confident strong man---a master. I have included my personal techniques as well as gesture of generosity. These techniques are easy to master and most effective when mastered up.

How Do Your Techniques cure premature ejaculation?

In order to cure premature ejaculation effectively, first step is to undo bad effects of masturbation. Once bad effects of masturbation are undone, half of the problem is solved. You will not remain a premature ejaculator. Even on this stage of your training, you can last for more than 31 minutes.

Next level of your training is for those who aspire to be “master of ejaculation”. In this phase of your training, you will learn how to take control on ejaculation in your hand like a master. You will ride on spontaneous inevitability of ejaculation. In this stage you learn to train your body and brain to behave in the way as you want. You will learn to become master of your body, brain and ejaculation. You will be able to choose when to ejaculate and when not to!

I suffer from nocturnal emissions (wet dreams); can your techniques cure it?

Definitely, I would say nothing in the world can cure nocturnal emissions as effectively and completely as my techniques can. I have cured worst cases of nocturnal emissions within three to seven days. Once nocturnal emissions are cured, patients start lasting at least 10 minutes longer while making sex.

I am 20 years guy who ejaculates within just 30 seconds; can your system help me cure my problem?

For sure you will be able to fix your problem for good.  I would say your age is the best age to cure premature ejaculation for good and gain total control on ejaculation. Hence, you can not only save your sexual system from damage of masturbation; you can become a strong Alpha male at an early age.

My age is 53 years. I am suffering from partial erectile dysfunction. Sometimes I have strong erection in the beginning but no sooner I start intercourse, all of sudden erection dies. It is really disgraceful. On other times, my erection is weak all the time, which is not very satisfying for both of us. Will your book help me cure my problem?

Definitely, you can overcome this problem within days and you will not feel this problem again all your life. "Master of Ejaculation" is consisted on four parts. Part one teaches you how to control your ejaculation; part two teaches you how to make her come ten times before you come; part three teaches how to get and maintain strong erections. Part four tells you centuries’ old methods of enhancing the girth and length of penis.

Ok, I am ready to buy these techniques and methods. But I have some questions. My first question is ‘how longer is maximum length of time I can make sex for without ejaculating? My second question is ‘are these techniques and methods difficult to master?

Your first Question: You can last for one hour to many hours. Masters make sex for hours daily and retire un-ejaculated because they experience many orgasms without ejaculating.

Your second Question: No, these methods and techniques are actually quite easy to master. Some techniques are even easier that you don’t need to master. You can put these techniques to test right next night.   

I have been on ejaculation control pills but now I want to get rid of these tranquilizing drugs, as I seem to have been losing my memory and strong erection. Will your e-book help me?

Of course, this product is intended to help people like you so that you could get rid of all artificial injurious drugs and pills. You will not only last for hours rather you will enjoy every moment of love-making with far more intensity. Your brain will be fully active and alert (unlike drugs) and will be helping you feel and enjoy every jiffy of love making.

Does your product consist of techniques like imagining a decapitated body to divert attention or masturbation before intercourse?

No, absolutely not! I have not included such rubbish. Sex is very sublime and ecstatic activity, so how could a technique benefit you that runs counter to basic spirit of sex? Only those techniques and methods have been included and elaborated that masters have been utilizing throughout the centuries and which have been hidden from common people throughout all human history. I have also included modern techniques and their innovations that have proven highly effective on thousands of sufferers.